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So it’s been ages since I’ve done a post on my blog. . . .Apologies for the silence.

I’ve been away growing a little human. My son, Jervaé was born (slightly early) in July and a little on the small side weighing just over 4lbs on his birthday. After a couple of months he’s now caught up and is on track with his weight at almost 10lbs (greedy little thing).


No one in the world can prepare you for the parenting journey, I was so overwhelmed with his existence and the responsibility when we finally got him home after 12 days in the hospital. The journey was exhausting, unique, emotional to say the least, but after an emergency caesarean in the early hours of July 7th, JJ arrived and I am BEYOND grateful that he arrived (tiny but) safe.

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Having buried one son in 2013, it was only natural for me to fear the worst at times, but the peace I gained from that chapter and faith carried us through. I thank God for both of my sons without one the other most likely would not have been here. The creator has truly blessed me and 10 weeks on I still find tears in my eyes when I think of the journey that got Jervaé here. He is incredible and through sleepy eyes I’m beaming with pride.

My blog lacked direction before now and to an extent. . . so did my life. It’s strange that a tiny human can bring you so much purpose and push you in the right direction. I’m still passionate about a million and one things, I always will be. Helping people, Mothering (not just my own), being in the kitchen (cooking, baking and eating of course), working out and looking and feeling great after a session, modelling, fashion and my family are just a few. (Those are the main ones, there are more).

So here’s to a completely new direction and life (& a stronger blog)

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