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It’s resolution period and goal setting is upon us.


January is the month of the ‘new diet.’ So many people want to achieve a new body image after the roast dinner binges and the New Years alcohol that the last two weeks of December bring us.

I personally have never been victim to that way of thinking, though I encourage every & anyone who sets a healthy or new body image goal to stick to it – and not to give up until they achieve their goal, but I’m happy setting goals all year round, It keeps the year interesting and exciting.

This year however – I will be joining the ‘New Year New You Crew’ as 6 months ago today I gave birth my beautiful baby boy Jervaé. He is settling perfectly into a routine and I can now begin to plan my days around his naps, feeds and bedtime.

I had a few ‘injuries’ shortly after giving birth to my Prince, in my left shoulder, neck and the middle of my back. I visited a chiropractor on a few occasions but in the end it was my loving hubby who gave me a few simple exercises to strengthen the areas at home and now my body feels like it’s old self. Thanks baby 💋!

I’m more than ready to hit the gym except for my gym gear. If there’s ever an excuse to buy new activewear it’s after giving birth. . . Keep your eyes peeled for my next post where I show you some of my favourite activewear pieces. There is soooo much to choose from I had no choice but to create another post (Any excuse) Lol!

Whatever your body goal is don’t you dare give up! Remember the most important thing is looking good in the gym. . . I’m just kidding! Lol! Keep going until you’ve smashed your goal then work hard to maintain that body. You can do it, I know you can.

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