Red Handed Green Fingers

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I randomly took an interest in gardening a few years ago but decided to experiment last Spring.


I planted cherry tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot, chillies, onion bulbs, bell peppers and a selection of herbs.


Unfortunately not everything I planted was fruitful but I did get plenty of lettuce, cherry toms, some strong flavoured onions and herbs which I managed to use in my kitchen. It was so rewarding.

This year I plan to plant more. I got some mini greenhouse systems last week at Lidl for £1 each and planted then on Monday March 23rd. . . 8 days later after following the simple instructions, we have life!


I’m so excited the thought of growing my own strawberries and cayenne peppers this year.


I’m already researching what can I plant/sow in April.

Does anyone else have green fingers? What are you growing?

♥ iMi

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