Turtle Bay Experience

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If you haven’t yet been to Turtle Bay. . . I suggest you venture out and give it a try. . . asap. . .Seriously call your local and book a table.

The atmosphere for one was welcoming and familiar. Being of Caribbean heritage the music hit my ears as soon as I walked through the doors and memories came flooding back of house parties, celebrations and carnivals from the past.

My parents were swaying, my Aunt and Uncle singing along to the words. Though the lighting was dim, I assume to give the feel of a West Indian Shack (the more mature members of our diner party using torches to read their menus), the decor and food were definitely inspired by the Caribbean Islands.

People who’ve tried it in the past were disappointed and I can only put it down to expecting authentic Caribbean food. I point out the food is ‘inspire’ so may not taste like Grandmas Jerk seasoning or Marcia’s down the road.


The service was brilliant. No complaints. I can honestly say that to date Turtle Bay cooked the best calamari I’ve ever tasted! The batter was light, seasoned and crispy, the mayo & squeeze of lime complimented the dish to perfection and not over cooked the squid was soft and not of the rubbery texture I’ve often tasted.


I ordered salmon in a jerk dressing for my main served with sweet potato fries and a side salad. The salmon melted in my mouth, and though not your tradition jerk sauce I could definitely taste and appreciate the influence.


Rum cake was for dessert. . .served with ice cream. Turtle Bay didn’t skip out on the rum when they made this dessert . . .much like most Caribbeans don’t hold back on rum and rarely stick to the universal single ‘shot’ measurement. Ha!20151223_22165820151223_221550
All washed down by Happy Hour that started at 10pm ;-] (My Kind of Happy Hour)

Overall a brilliant dining experience and I can’t wait to go back with a the hubs or the girls.

Let me know what you ordered on your visit to Turtle Bay. . .Happy Dining

❥ iMi

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