Grand Grammys

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Many will know that it was the 57th Annual Grammy awards on Feb 8th.

Fashionistas all over the globe know the red carpet is the highlight  of the whole event alongside the performance outfits.- Bun anything else & who won what, thats not really that important . . .is it?!

So my eyes were peeled for the best & unfortunately the worst dressed on that red carpet!

I was both delighted & disgusted by what I saw.

I am still trying to figure out who ok’ed certain outfits and who the stylists are because something aint right! I mean, what was running through minds when the idea to wrap yourself in orange barrier mesh?!


Anyway! See below my favourite outfits that appeared on the rouge rug at this years Grammys.

FYI: The worst dressed will not be shown on iMi Chic as they’re really not worthy, my eyes have bled enough! =P


What was your favourite Grammy red carpet outfit?

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