Fresh Year, Fresh Gear

It’s resolution period and goal setting is upon us. January is the month of the ‘new diet.’ So many people want to achieve a new body image after the roast dinner binges and the New Years alcohol that the last two weeks of December bring us. I personally have never been victim to that way of thinking, though I encourage every & anyone who sets a healthy or new body image goal to stick to it – and not to give up until they achieve…Continue Reading “Fresh Year, Fresh Gear”

Turtle Bay Experience

If you haven’t yet been to Turtle Bay. . . I suggest you venture out and give it a try. . . asap. . .Seriously call your local and book a table. The atmosphere for one was welcoming and familiar. Being of Caribbean heritage the music hit my ears as soon as I walked through the doors and memories came flooding back of house parties, celebrations and carnivals from the past. My parents were swaying, my Aunt and Uncle singing along to the words. Though…Continue Reading “Turtle Bay Experience”

Advent Chic

Hi gorgeous reader! It’s not too late to grab an advent calendar is it? Nope! Of course not! If you’re sick of giving or receiving the same cheap chocolate advent calendars, check out these amazing and unique advent calendars to give to someone special this year oooor maybe you want to treat yourself to an Look at it as an early Christmas gift. Susanne Kaufmann – £99 Contains 24 Organic Treats from relaxing teas to body butters, aromatic oils to hair products. Stay calm during…Continue Reading “Advent Chic”

Motherhood. . .

So it’s been ages since I’ve done a post on my blog. . . .Apologies for the silence. I’ve been away growing a little human. My son, Jervaé was born (slightly early) in July and a little on the small side weighing just over 4lbs on his birthday. After a couple of months he’s now caught up and is on track with his weight at almost 10lbs (greedy little thing). No one in the world can prepare you for the parenting journey, I was so overwhelmed…Continue Reading “Motherhood. . .”

Man Spice

If you’re anything like me, you love a good scent, that goes for ladies or mens. A scent, like your outfit can say a lot about you. I’ve previously bought mens fragrance for myself, I know I’m not the only woman who’s done this. Mens summer edition fragrances tend to be softer and less intense so I got away with it 😉 Don’t you love it when a man smells sexy, ambitious, successful, dedicated, about-his-business and well groomed? So it’s not just me then? =P…Continue Reading “Man Spice”