Set Goals for 2017

It’s 2017 & the celebrations have come to an end. 2016 was a roller coaster year but blessings are being counted. If you’re reading this, you made it another year and have the opportunity to be a better person, help people, start a movement, inspire someone and make the world a better place. I met with my girls this morning for breakfast (much needed after our New Years night out last night) and I asked them what they wanted to achieve in this coming year….Continue Reading “Set Goals for 2017”

Christmas Nails!

I’ve had sooo many compliments about my nails. I started getting my nails done again (after about 5 years) when my son was a little bit older. Yes I can still do my housework and changed nappies with them. Lol! Those that know me know I like a little sparkle on my nails. My cousins had told me about a new nail shop that I needed to try, so the day before Christmas Eve while accompanying my husband to get our last Christmas bits, I…Continue Reading “Christmas Nails!”

Last day for 20% off H&M

Hi guys, I’ve a million things lined up on the blog to share with you lovelies that I’ve not quite found the time to do yet as my baby boy Jervaé, housework, social life and rest always seem to win. But I aaaaalways magically find time to shop, it’s funny that. Lool! 😛 H&M has been a long time favourite shop of mine so I had to make use of this 20% discount code I came across to use online. It ends TODAY so you…Continue Reading “Last day for 20% off H&M”

If you’re a River Island  lover like me. . . Get 25% off all full priced items in store & online Fill your basket and enter code GRAZIAJAN16 at the checkout to get the discount. . . Ends this Monday Happy Shopping! ❥ iMi

Fresh Year Fresh Gear Part. 2

Good to see you again =] Going to the gym, working out and looking after your body is a reward not a punishment. . . So reward yourself before with a new outfit per gym visit? I’m just playing with ya. Lol! I spent maybe an unhealthy amount of time looking through all the activewear last night and deciding what I wanted. . .Well I wanted it all to be honest but what I need right now was more important. . . At least that’s…Continue Reading “Fresh Year Fresh Gear Part. 2”