Christmas Nails!

I’ve had sooo many compliments about my nails. I started getting my nails done again (after about 5 years) when my son was a little bit older. Yes I can still do my housework and changed nappies with them. Lol! Those that know me know I like a little sparkle on my nails. My cousins had told me about a new nail shop that I needed to try, so the day before Christmas Eve while accompanying my husband to get our last Christmas bits, I…Continue Reading “Christmas Nails!”

Man Spice

If you’re anything like me, you love a good scent, that goes for ladies or mens. A scent, like your outfit can say a lot about you. I’ve previously bought mens fragrance for myself, I know I’m not the only woman who’s done this. Mens summer edition fragrances tend to be softer and less intense so I got away with it 😉 Don’t you love it when a man smells sexy, ambitious, successful, dedicated, about-his-business and well groomed? So it’s not just me then? =P…Continue Reading “Man Spice”

So Christmas came and went & now sale season is here!! Most people will be going as nuts in the sale as they did at Christmas. Be a savvy shopper and look for the best deals before you spend all your Christmas pennies on one item. I started my Christmas shopping in August this year. Pretty proud as that wasn’t the case last year. My Mum always shopped throughout the year saving time and money. I gladly borrowed that leaf from Mums books this year…Continue Reading “Top 10 Favourite Fragrances of 2014”